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Mini Dino Kit

$ 36.0

A multi- activity Kit to satisfy your Kids obsession with the Dinosaurs World.

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Our Dino kit caters to the interests of dinosaur enthusiasts, providing them with the opportunity to personalize their own dinosaur friend and creatively color the eggs using our natural earth friendly paint. Alongside these activities, our kit features non-toxic playdough, tools, and accessories for additional engaging experiences. This kit is designed to foster imagination, sensory play, and a love for dinosaurs in a safe and eco-friendly manner.


Learning is always FUN!!


This item includes:

1 150g jar of Green natural non-toxic playdough

1 Large Dino Eco-Cutter

1 Wooden egg

2 Colors of Natural earth friendly paint with a vegan brush

1 Mini Wooden pottery tool (shape may vary)

Colored Pompoms

Natural resources

Instruction Cards

Age: 5+


Caution: It may contain small pieces


  • Our Planet Friendly playdough is super-soft and hand-made in our big, noisy food mixers.
  • We¬†only use natural & food grade ingredients to make our Natural playdough.
  • Our kits are full of exciting craft materials to make interesting marks with, natural resources and household items.
  • All of our packaging is recyclable or re-usable.


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