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About Us

“FunBun” is a concept that will keep children busy, happy and Learning while being safe.

A Playdough that is handmade, Natural and Non-toxic dough, made from Natural and Food grade ingredients. All of our products are earth friendly; you can either re-use them or recycle.

The Dough is very safe; you do not have to worry if the kid’s curiosity pushes them to have a taste.

Our main goal is to let children have fun while learning, recreating and exploring.

Our kits are perfect for crafting, Learning Through Play, Home Schooling, a Friday treat, a Birthday gift or any other ‘just because’ reason you can think of!

we choose the items in our craft kits carefully and we love natural materials. where we do use plastic, we do so with the aim that it will be loved & re-used for a long time.

Funbun Handmade Playdough in Dubai , Natural Playdough, Non-toxic in Dubai, Abu Dhabi
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