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Allergy Information

we take great care when making our playdough. we use natural and food grade ingredients unless stated in the individual listings, for example when we use biodegradable glitter.

our sensory dough contains the following ingredients:

  • wheat flour

  • salt

  • cream of tartar

  • oil

  • water

  • natural flavouring/Culinary essence

  • food colouring

  • some of our doughs contain natural dyes such as coffee, cocoa powder, herbs and spices

we make all the playdough ourselves and take great care to avoid cross contamination. we cannot guarantee however that our playdough does not contain traces of nuts or other allergens. if you have any questions regarding allergies, please contact us.

although it smells delicious, please remember that our playdough should not be eaten.

our allergy information page was last reviewed on:

30 August 2022

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